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A could Jorney

A cold Journey

Follow my characters, Sam and his lovely mare Maja and later on two other horses, on a cold journey in the wintry America.
This is a personal project that started as a competition over at deviantART. The competition is a extreme hack across the frozen land of America portraying my characters during different phases of the trail .


My characters clothes and tack for the trail.


First leg
This is Sam and Maja making their way down the mountains of Mt Rushmore, enjoying the view.


Second leg
And now we headed of to the Badlands where they encounter a icy blizzard, hoping they can reach the train station soon.


Third leg
Sam and Maja arriving from the blizzard in the Badlands to a cozy train ride onward to the last leg of the race.

Forth and final leg
Sam, his new mount Robin and pack horse Nessie in the Yellowstone nationalpark, admiring the wildlife.